Are you the Business Developer who inspires and delights?

Not all companies are fully aware yet of all the opportunities a digital transformation can bring to their business. Are you that beacon of light that guides our prospects towards the next step in their digital journey?

Hungry for a challenge?

At Digiti, we think big! We will challenge you and provide you with all the digital tools and opportunities you need to thrive. Get a taste for a variety of projects: from local SMEs to large international corporations or non-profits, … Take initiative and go about your daily tasks with gusto and we’ll make sure you’ll shine.

Feeling hungry yet?

Come and get a taste of what it's like playing for an A-team!

What do we expect from you?

Gotta catch ‘em all

You’re a real go getter with a hands-on attitude. You take initiative and hunt down new prospects as if you were hunting down dinner. Your hunger is insatiable and your ambition boundless. 

Customer-centric & solution-oriented

You’re sympathetic to your prospects and you can relate to their specific circumstances.You fully understand the responsibility that comes with investing time and money on a digital journey. Rather than resorting to cold sales, you unveil their true needs and desires and respond with bespoke solutions that will inspire them to collaborate with Digiti.

A successful networker and communicator

Throughout your extensive experience, you’ve built a strong network. From SMEs to large corporate organizations, you’re assertive and unafraid to communicate directly with VP-level and C-level executives. As your main focus is the end goal, you don’t shy away from challenging both your colleagues and your prospective clients.

A digital partner for everyone involved

You put forward solutions to prospects but you’re also a strong partner in-house, working closely together with the CEO and our marketing experts and strategists. Whether it’s pitching, developing concepts and ideas or providing a paper trail of all your activities, your approach is both methodical and meticulous

Digital enthusiast

As an expert in the wondrous world of all things digital, you have plenty of experience with the inner workings of a digital agency. You’re on top of the latest trends and you’re adept at responding to changing market dynamics.

You speak their language, literally

You can communicate fluently in both Dutch and English. Some proficiency of the French language is a plus.

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